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There is a book which has shaped the course of history.

Since the fall of Troy, The Few have guarded it. From the Greeks and Persians to mighty Hannibal and the formidable Caesars of Rome. Viking raiders, Crusaders – even Genghis Khan and the Conquistadors sought it. Yet none have come as close to finding the book as the ruthless Third Reich. Until now.

Taking a seemingly innocent summer apprenticeship, fifteen-year-old Sam is drawn into the mysterious world of The Few. He and three new friends are chosen to be trained in forgotten arts by this ancient order, whose existence is shrouded in dark science, marvellous modifications and incredible inventions. It’s the beginning of an epic and relentless adventure full of action, gadgets and intrigue.

The stakes are high and The Few must adapt if they are to survive this new threat; for Ms Keller and Harbinger Robotics are poised for victory. They have learned of a scroll that will lead them to the book and, with it, change the world forever…

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“The Stone Thieves is an action-packed rollercoaster of a novel, brimming with imaginative invention.”

“Loved it! Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games. When is book two out?”

“This is clearly the start of an exciting series and the gateway to an amazing new world. Wonderful mysteries draw readers towards the next installment!”

“The Stone Thieves is like no other book I have ever read. The complexity of the ideas makes it all seem so real.”

“Wonderful story I can’t wait for the next book! The writer draws the reader in from the start, it’s a book that’s difficult to put down. It’s well written with amazing detail – immensely enjoyable! I highly recommend it.”

“Page-turning sci-fi/fantasy epic replete with intrigue, insidious and heroic secret societies, gadgets and surprises! Expertly crafted by an experienced purveyor of the trade…”

“The Stone Thieves is a meticulously crafted tale full of verve and wonder, that will suck you in and leave you breathless. This globetrotting, high stakes adventure, follows a band of young protégés as they struggle to protect the world from dark forces. I haven’t read such an exhilarating book in a very long time. The only downside is the wait for the next installment!”

“Been a while since I wrote a review, but this is a cracking read. Squarely aimed at the YA market, it has some awesome concepts wrapped inside a fantastical adventure/science fiction story that has “movie” written all over it. The ideas make this stand out from the crowd, and even though this is clearly a “set up” book for more in a series of novels, it still works great as a stand alone story.”

“Absolutely amazing book! Pulls the reader in! Stayed up far too late because I couldn’t put it down! Cannot wait for the second book and to see where our four friends take us! So much imagination!”

Great story that kept me wanting to read more and find out more. Beautifully written with lots of details. When is the next book coming out?”

“An intriguing and well-written fantasy adventure that had me hooked from the start. I really wanted to keep on reading to find out what happens next. Fabulous!”

“The Stone Thieves is a wonderfully written book, appropriate for sci-fi fanatics of all ages. The unique concept, combined with a heartbreaking backstory, made this book impossible to put down. A fantastic adventure, complemented by the brilliant character development of Sam. Looking forward to reading more from Eddy!”

“I love the flow of the story and the clever use of words to keep the reader engaged and excited, once started, you just have to finish. Ignore the age group, the story will be enjoyed by all age groups. Great adventure for the young audience and gave me as the older audience a grin and smile from memories of my own life. Highly recommended is the usual word used by people, but in this case it is well worth the purchase.”

“Intricate, yet believable – and totally fascinating! The young protagonists spring vividly to life through their realistic dialogue and repartee. Descriptions are word paintings of the highest order, while the attention to detail given by the writer’s incredible imagination would make creating a film script a task worth undertaking. Scope for special effects could be amazing. Please continue the series, we need to know what happens next!”

“I’m just over half way through this book and felt I had to leave a review! A must read for those interested in sci-fi adventure. The story line grips you from the beginning, I can’t put it down!!”

“The Stone Thieves is a wonderfully written book, appropriate for sci-fi fanatics of all ages. The unique concept, combined with a heartbreaking backstory, made this book impossible to put down. A fantastic adventure, complemented by the brilliant character development of Sam.”

Well where do we begin?! I have read this alongside my teenage daughters who are huge ‘Potter Heads’ and fans of both the Hunger Games and Divergent series. This was just up their street and I too have really enjoyed reading this debut novel. Whilst there are elements of things that we already love (including a bit of Dr. Strange thrown in) this really is a completely new and unique world. The attention to detail and language is mind-blowing. The characters have depth and the journey both across the world and through science is something we have never seen before. This is a must-read for those who crave a mystical-yet-intelligent bit of escapism with strong characters who I hope we will see across many more books in the future. A most excellent debut!”

“This is a compelling action-packed science fiction adventure with plenty of suspense. I loved reading about all of the characters, from the very likeable Sam and his cohort of friends to the ruthless Ms Keller! The world of The Few is fantastical and fascinating with elements of His Dark Materials and Harry Potter – it introduces a world of pure escapism that will keep readers gripped until the very end. I could see it translating incredibly well from book to screen!
Looking forward to Book 2.”

“Meticulously written and researched. The incredibly wrought storylines and character arcs of this book are effortless to read and impossible to put down. The tale itself is a quantum journey through time and imagination within infinite possibilities on every page. Comparing the Stone Thieves to any other tale would sell it well short, although one might imagine a combination of a supra-competent version of JK Rowling, a dash of Carl Feynmann, sprinkles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling, all wrapped up in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book where the best options have been selected for you. I haven’t enjoyed or been so satisfied with a book of fiction in decades. This is a work of art and demonstration of genius.”

“This book is brilliant. Beautifully written. A truly excellent book, that will definitely captivate readers worldwide! Love the fact that all three of my girls, 13 to 17, all enjoy your writing with no worries of foul language or dodgy ‘scenes’. A rewarding, energetic, fun and action packed summer adventure!”

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